Whether you want to make a purchase or a bank transfer, confirming your identity is essential. Luckily, using our mobile app makes it really easy. Let’s take a look!

We have three verification Tiers. The higher your Tier is, the more services you get access to, and the higher your limits are. Here's an article with a detailed overview of all three tiers.

You can see and upgrade your Tier in Other > ⚙️(Settings) icon in the upper right-hand corner > Verification status

Tier 1

Once you have signed up, you already get Tier 1, there is no need to submit any documents for it.

Tier 2

If you are willing to open more services (bank deposits and withdrawals, purchasing crypto with a bank card) or increase your limits, you need to upgrade to Tier 2.

We’ll ask you to submit two pieces of info – a photo of your photo ID (passport, ID card, or driving license) and a selfie with it in your hands. Please make sure:

  • Your ID is valid for at least the next 6 months;

  • The images are in JPG/JPEG and their size exceeds 100kb;

  • You hold the same ID on the selfie;

  • All the ID details are clear;

  • The photos have never been opened in graphic editors.

All the images which do not meet the requirements will be rejected, or the system won’t allow you to upload them.

Small tip: Try zooming in on your photo. Is the information on the document blurry? Then it’s time to take a new one!

Tier 3

If you’d like to be able to order a Cryptopay card or increase your limits even further, you need to confirm your address.

Make sure the document is original, and it was issued in your name in the last 3 months.

Please check the guide for Tier 3 for more detailed information.

Important: Once the documents are submitted, don’t forget to go back and hit Submit documents (you can alternatively press Back one more time to delete the uploaded file). Done! Our Compliance team will review the documents within 24 hours and notify you of the results by email.

If you have further questions, you can always count on us to help you with them. Contact us via our chat or drop us a line at support@cryptopay.me – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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