Whether you want to make a purchase or a bank transfer, confirming your identity is essential. Luckily, using our mobile app makes it really easy. Let’s take a look!

  1. Go to Other and click on the ⚙️(Settings) icon in the upper right-hand corner. Tap on Verification status. Having verified your email and phone number and indicated your date of birth and country of citizenship/residence, you’ve already reached Tier 1, but now we come to the interesting part.

2. The higher your verification status (tier) is, the more you can do with your account. To upgrade your account to Tier 2, we’ll ask you to submit two documents – an ID and a selfie with it (please note that you cannot submit one without the other as they won’t upload).

Here’s a few tips:

For your ID

  • Make sure that the document (passport, national ID or driving license) is valid for at least the next 6 months since the date of your application;

  • Scanned images are okay but make sure to use an actual scanner and not an app;

  • We can only accept JPEG files that are bigger than 100KB. Otherwise, it simply won’t upload;

  • You can either take a photo of the document with your camera or choose it from the gallery/import it;

  • Please note that opening the file in graphics editors is not allowed. Images need to be provided with no alterations, cropping or resizing.

And for your selfie

  • Take a photo with the same ID you've uploaded on the previous step. The most important thing is to make the document and all information written on it fully visible, so make sure to focus the camera on the document. The size, format and no-graphics-editors rules apply as well!

NB! Try zooming in on your photo. Is the information on the document blurry? Then it’s time to take a new one!

Need more information on how to ace your Tier 2? We’ve got it here.

3. More documents also mean higher limits. If you’ve already done you first test-transfers and want more freedom, it’s time to complete verification of your account. You’ll only need one more document – a Proof of address.

For more information on what documents we accept, please refer to this guide for Tier 3.

NB! As is the case with Proof of ID, please make sure that the file (JPEG, PDF) is bigger than 100KB and hasn’t been opened in any graphics editors. We accept both photos and scans of paper documents, and you can also submit an original electronic version of the document.

4. Once the documents are submitted, don’t forget to go back and hit Submit documents (you can alternatively press Back one more time to delete the uploaded file). Done! Our Compliance team will review the documents within 24 hours and notify you of the results by email!

If you have further questions, you can always count on us to help you with them. Contact us via our chat or drop us a line at support@cryptopay.me – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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