What is Litecoin?

Litecoin (LTC) is a peer-to-peer currency that enables instant payments all over the world. Litecoin is an open-source, global payment network that is decentralised and doesn’t have central authorities. Thus you can fully control your own finances. LTC features lower transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency compared to other cryptocurrencies.

How to deposit LTC into your Cryptopay account? 

Find your LTC account address on the Accounts tab and click on it: the address will be automatically copied to your clipboard. Alternatively, you can click on your Litecoin account and copy the address manually.

The Cryptopay LTC addresses come in a new format. If your external wallet does not support new addresses yet, no worries, you can easily convert your Cryptopay address to the old format to make a deposit.

Please visit this article to learn about LTC address formats conversion.

Please note: The minimum sum to deposit is 0.00000001 LTC. The funds will be shown on the balance of your Cryptopay LTC account after 3 confirmations of the network.

Important! Please make sure to deposit LTC from external wallets into your Cryptopay LTC account. In case you send litecoins to your Cryptopay BTC, ETH, XRP, SNX, LINK, UNI, AAVE, EUR, USD, or GBP accounts, the funds will NOT be received.

How to convert LTC to other currencies with Cryptopay? 

You can convert LTC to any of the supported currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, SNX, LINK, UNI, AAVE, EUR, GBP, and USD. Just click to Exchange button next to your LTC account and choose the currency and the amount you would like to convert.

Please note: The amount you’ll receive will be indicated in a pop-up window after you click Exchange but before clicking “Confirm”.

Sending LTC to an external wallet

You can send LTC to either LTC or BTC wallets. Don’t forget to choose whether to send your LTC to a Litecoin or a Bitcoin address. To send funds to an external wallet, click the Withdraw button next to your LTC account, enter the address, specify the amount, and click Withdraw.

For more information regarding LTC withdrawals, please check our step-by-step guide.

NB: the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 LTC.

Important: if you notice that after pasting the receiving LTC address it is marked as outdated, and the system suggests converting it to the new format, please check this article to proceed.

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