If you can't log into your account, this probably means you're entering the wrong username, password, or two-factor authentication code (one-time password).

If an email address or/and a password you are entering differ from those used to sign up, you will get an error "Invalid credentials".

Here is what you need to do:

  • To reset your password, go to Sign in > "Forgot your password?" and enter the email address you used to sign up to Cryptopay. Check your email for the password reset link.

At this stage, an error "Reset password token is invalid" may occur:

This can happen if you have sent the password reset email several times - please make sure that you follow the password reset link in the last received email. If the problem persists, please, clear your browser cache and cookies.

Please note, reset password link is active for 6 hours.

  • The login problem may have been caused by your two-factor authentication getting out of sync. In this case please contact our support team: they will assist you with resetting your two-factor authentication token. After you regain access to your account, we recommend you delete your old two-factor authentication and create a new one.
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