Here are the situations when you might need to convert the Litecoin address.

Depositing LTC

Cryptopay LTC addresses come in a new format and look like this:

You can use this address for depositing funds to your Cryptopay account. However, if you come across the situation when you cannot deposit to Cryptopay from an external wallet because the address is not accepted or marked invalid, no worries! This means your external wallet does not support new LTC address formats yet.

We have a solution for you :) You can easily convert your Cryptopay address to an old format and use it to make a deposit. In order to convert the format, just press the QR code icon near your Litecoin account and then click convert to old format:

 You can now use the old format address to make a deposit. Funds will be received in your LTC wallet no matter which format you used.

Sending LTC

You might also need to convert the address when sending LTC to an external wallet. If someone gives you an old format address and the system does not accept it, just press convert to new format:

That way you'll get a new format address that you can use to send funds.

Please note: both new and old formats indicate the same address.

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