Here we give some tips on how to get your account verified if you are from Brazil.

  1. You may submit your RG card for identity verification. However, make sure you provide a valid RG card because if the individual is under 16 at the time he/she applies for the card, it will expire on his/her 18th birthday, making it necessary to apply for another one. Thus, if you submit such RG card, it won't be accepted.

  2. We accept the following documents as a proof of residence (including, but not limited to): bills from Brazilian electricity suppliers - AES Eletropaulo, Coelba, Copel, CPFL, RGE, Energisa; internet providers - NET, Vivo, Oi; banks - Itau Bank, Hipercard etc.

  3. The following tax documents are accepted as e-documents only (PDF) - Relatório de Situação Fiscal and RECIBO DE ENTREGA DA DECLARAÇÃO DE AJUSTE ANUAL.

  4. In case a person doesn't have any documents, confirming his/her residential address or shares an accommodation, there is another option - DECLARAÇÃO DE RESIDENCIA, a document, signed by a landlord or property owner, confirming that a customer resides at the specific address.

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