Sometimes the virtual card is simply not enough, but at the same time, there is no need to order a plastic one if it turns out to be a separate second card for you to use.
In this case, our new card upgrade feature is for you!

You'll get a plastic card to substitute for the virtual one you had. All the card details remain the same, so there is no need to change them in numerous services you might have already linked your virtual card to. 

Here's a detailed guide on upgrading your virtual card to a plastic one on our web version. Prefer apps? These two are for Android and iOS. Let's get started:

  1. Click on your card's balance;

  2. Click the Upgrade to Plastic button;

  3. Confirm your wish to upgrade to plastic;

  4. Select the delivery method. You can use either standard free of charge delivery, or the express one. Express delivery is a nice option if you are in a hurry. It takes just 3 days after issuing the card, but it will cost you 15 EUR/GBP.

5. Please check all the details and select the payment method. You can use any of your Cryptopay accounts to make the payment. Right now, we charge you just 5 EUR/GBP for the upgrade, but later on, the upgrade cost will increase to 12.50 EUR/GBP.

You can keep using the virtual card up until the moment you receive and activate the plastic one. Once the plastic card is activated, the virtual card gets closed.

NB: For now, UK residents can order the card in EUR and GBP (you can have only one card in each supported fiat currency at a time), while EEA residents can opt for the EUR card only.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our brilliant support team via live chat or at 

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