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No doubt, it's nice to see your crypto assets sit safely and securely in the comfort of your wallet. However, wouldn't it be great if instead of sitting idly, they would actually help you earn some passive income? If this sounds like a splendid idea, our new Earn feature is exactly what you need!

Here's what you can do with our Earn accounts:

  • Get a favourable rate that allows you to earn more

  • Receive compound weekly payouts

  • Withdraw what you earned anytime

  • Start with just € 10

  • Earn and withdraw with 0% fee

Amazing, right? Our thoughts exactly!

For instance, your BTC assets could make you up to 2.02% APY. Wondering how you could calculate your crypto reward? We've got you covered! See how much money your assets will bring you using the calculator:

Don't want to put all eggs in one basket? Now, that's smart! No need to limit yourself to BTC – you can create as many Earn accounts as you like and earn like a pro! Check out other assets and rates:

Ready to start? In your account head over to the Earn tab and click Open Earn account. You'll be able to choose the assets you prefer, as well as calculate your rewards.

See full Terms & Conditions here.

Still have some questions? No worries, we've answered the most common of them below.


How safe are my funds?

When you open an Earn account and put aside a part of your funds, we commit to returning them to you along with with a reward. We always fulfil our obligations to our clients and have been keeping their accounts and funds safe since 2013, when the company was started.

Please note, however, that crypto investing always involves risks of volatility and devaluation. Nevertheless, the risk is just the same when you're holding the funds in your account without earning on them.

What are you doing with the crypto on my Earn account?

We can use the crypto you put on an Earn account in a variety of ways that would help ensure the safety of your funds and a high reward rate.

We commit to returning your funds along with the due reward regardless of the manner in which the funds are going to be used.

What asset(s) should I choose to start earning?

Picking the assets to earn you money is always exciting! But as with any type of investment, we highly recommend doing research beforehand and reading about the assets you want to 'bet' on. To help you get started, we've prepared a short dossier on the assets we offer, which you can find right here - simply click on the asset to find out more about it.

Don't forget that you can open as many Earn accounts as you like! Create your own army of breadwinners today!

Is the APY always the same regardless of the amount of my Earn account?

No, not really: if the total amount of funds in all of your Earn accounts exceeds the equivalent of 15,000 EUR, the APY will be reduced to 0.1%.

How do you add reward to my balance?

We calculate your reward daily according to the rate in effect at midnight (UTC) starting from the moment your Earn account is older than 24 hours. We add reward to your account weekly. Once added to the balance, in the next period, reward will be calculated on the new (higher) amount consisting of the initial amount + already paid reward.

How do I withdraw my Earn balance?

You can withdraw your Earn balance (i.e. the initial amount + the already paid reward) at any time by closing the Earn account (press the 'Close Earn' button inside the account to proceed). We will process your request within 1 day.

What if I decide to close my Earn account?

You can close your Earn account at any time without losing what you've already earned.

Your reward is paid out weekly but calculated daily. When closing your Earn account, you will retain an already-paid reward. We will return your initial amount along with the reward within 1 day.

Keep in mind that you will lose the earned (calculated) profit that hasn’t been paid yet - it'll be withheld.

Here's an example to help you understand how this works.

Let's say you open an Earn account with 1 BTC on a Tuesday. If you decide to close it the next evening, on Wednesday, you'll get just the initial amount back (even though some reward has already been calculated) - 1 BTC.

Next Tuesday (a week after you opened the Earn account), your first reward will be paid. So if you close the account a day after, on Wednesday, you'll get back the initial amount (1 BTC) + the already-paid reward.

What's the maximum amount I can put in my Earn account?

There's no limit for the amount you put in your Earn accounts.

However, if the total amount of funds in all of your Earn accounts exceeds the equivalent of 15,000 EUR, the APY will be reduced to 0.1% - please, keep this in mind.

Remember: HODLing is good, earning is better! Start today!

The world of crypto is vast and intricate - if you feel overwhelmed, check out Cryptopay Learn. It is a perfect place to start for beginners trying to understand the basics of crypto. For more experienced crypto enthusiasts, this is also an excellent opportunity to brush up on their knowledge. The more you learn, the more you earn!

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