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Hosted catalog

Hosted catalog allows you to generate payment links with a manually specified amount. You can create an unlimited number of hosted items and specify a different amount for each. The user just needs to follow the link to choose the cryptocurrency and pay.

The status of the transaction is tracked manually, so the Hosted catalog is not used for automated processing of incoming payments.

Creating a hosted item

1. Go to Settings -> Hosted Catalog

2. Click on "Add new item".

3. Specify a name, a currency for the amount, an amount to pay and click on "Add item"

4. Once the item has been added, you will see a table with the number of clicks on the link and the number of payments. There are also buttons to send the link to the client, edit or delete it.

5. There are several ways to share a link:

URL - allows you to get the URL link and then send it to the payer.

QR code - generates a QR code with the payment link. QR can be placed anywhere you want.

The Small/Large button - generates HTML code of the "Pay with crypto" button for further iteration on the website.

6. If the item is deleted, the link will no longer work and the payer will see an error when clicking on it.

The payment process

When the link is received, the payer clicks on it and can choose the currency for the payment.

Once the currency has been selected, the payer will be shown the details of the payment, which can be used to complete the payment.

Checking the receipt of payment

To confirm that the payment has been received:

1. Request the blockchain transaction ID or wallet number from where the payment was sent.

2. Go to Transaction history and enter the details received from the customer into the search field. If the payment was successful, you will see it in the table below.

3. Check that the payment has a Completed status and the amount before informing the client that the payment has been successfully accepted.

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