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Common problems when using your Cryptopay card with PlayStation Network (PSN)
Common problems when using your Cryptopay card with PlayStation Network (PSN)
Having problems while using your Cryptopay card with PSN? This article might help!
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Important notice: as of February 2023, new card orders are temporarily unavailable for the residents of the EU. Cards that were previously activated function as usual.

At the moment, Cryptopay card orders are available only to the residents of the UK.

We noticed that some of our users experience problems while using their Cryptopay cards with PSN. We decided to collect all of them together and created this guide for you to solve these problems faster!

Wrong expiry date

Please check carefully all the information about your card you enter in PSN, including the expiry date. You can find the information on your Cryptopay card’s expiry date on the back of your card, or by clicking Show details here, if your card is virtual:

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Wrong billing address in your account

In this case, you will see this message: Please check your credit/debit card information and try again.

It happens when your billing address (the one you write when entering your card data while linking your card) doesn’t match your card’s actual billing address.

All you need to do is:

  • delete the card from the payment methods section;

  • enter the correct billing address of your card (not a random address or a residential address from your PSN account profile if it differs from your card’s billing address).

Please note that even if your billing address has been entered correctly, this error still might occur, as PSN could send invalid information about your purchase. In this case, please contact PSN support.

Insufficient funds

In this case, you will see this message: Your credit card has expired. Try another payment method.

This means that there are not enough funds on your card to make this payment. You need to top up your card’s balance, wait for a couple of minutes, and try again.

Please note that this error might occur if you bought many items one by one over a short period of time, and the balance didn’t have time to renew, and you thought there would be enough funds.

Remember to take a foreign transaction fee of 3% into account if you pay in currency different from your card’s currency. You can learn all about Cryptopay card fees and limits here.

Your card is virtual

Sometimes PSN prefers plastic cards to virtual ones, so if you encounter a lot of problems while using PSN, we suggest upgrading your virtual card to a plastic one.

Subscriptions with virtual card

Please note that, since our virtual card is prepaid (meaning it is not linked to a bank account), buying subscriptions using virtual cards is prohibited. The automatic payments won’t go through, and you will have to manually renew your subscriptions every month or try upgrading your virtual card to a plastic one.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our amazing Support team in the live chat or at

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