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Are there any limits?

Updated 4 days ago by Yana

Everything is good in moderation. Here are the limits you need to keep in mind when buying BTC and LTC with your card.

For security and fraud prevention reasons, the amount you can spend to buy bitcoins or litecoins with your card is limited. These limits vary based on the purchase history of your account and different security factors.
Here are limits every user will have once they start using the Card Deposit feature to buy bitcoins or litecoins on Cryptopay.

Minimum single deposit value: 10 EUR/USD/GBP
Maximum daily deposit value: 1000 EUR/USD/GBP
Maximum monthly deposit value: 5000 EUR/USD/GBP

Once you have reached your maximum monthly deposit limit, we will review your purchase history and increase limits for your account*.
For many of you, this would not be enough. Want to deposit 15 000 a day and 50 000 a month? We understand that, hence we encourage you to use this feature actively. This is the best way you can boost your limits to the moon!

Please note: Cryptopay support team has no power to recalculate or increase your card deposit limits. This decision is made automatically. 
*To make a positive decision we pay attention to the following:
– if you deposit using your existing limits/volumes to the fullest;
– if you make deposits regularly;
In some cases, we can request additional documents from you.  

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