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Cryptopay position on ERC-20 tokens

Updated 7 months ago by Ana

Although Ethereum platform allows to store ERC-20 tokens, please kindly note that they cannot be stored on your Cryptopay wallet yet. However, if you have sent tokens to your Cryptopay Ethereum wallet, the certain coin types may be retrieved via our support.

Please note, that Cryptopay will consider retrieval for tokens that have a value of at least 500 USD. All token retrieval requests where the value (according to the data from is less than 500 USD will not be considered. Cryptopay will not attempt to retrieve tokens that are not listed on BitGo. The full list of tokens supported by BitGo can be found by the link:


For all token retrieval application requests, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Amount of tokens to be retrieved;
  2. Token name and wallet address to which tokens were transferred;
  3. Transaction hash;
  4. Wallet address from which tokens were transferred;
  5. Wallet address to which tokens should be transferred.

Cryptopay shall retain 10% of all tokens being retrieved as a fee for the service.


Tokens sent to Cryptopay Ethereum wallet will be retrieved not later than 30 days after the accepted application request.




The recovery of token deposits is an inherently risky and time consuming process. Not all tokens that have been sent to Cryptopay Ethereum wallet can be recovered. The difficulty, time to process, probability of success is dependent on which token has been mistakenly sent to which address.


All token recoveries will be attempted on a Best-Efforts Basis only. Cryptopay does not guarantee a successful return of funds.


Cryptopay shall not be held responsible of any loss of tokens that occurs during the retrieval process.

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