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Referrals in Cryptopay iOS app

Updated 1 year ago by Vera

We appreciate your intentions to share our service with your friends, so why not reward you?

You will get 10% revenue share on all the fees we charge! ✨ Our referral program is so good that you will want to tell the whole world about us ! 🌎

  1. Go to the Other tab and click Referrals

  2. Write your friends’ e-mails and then press Send invite. You can add as many friends as you want! They will get an e-mail with the referral link to sign up on our website. You can even share your referral link via Facebook and Twitter, or you can copy your link by simply clicking on it.

  3. After you have earned 0.0001 BTC you can press Redeem Bitcoins and they will be enrolled on your BTC account.

Please note that the revenue is earned after your friend makes transaction that is charged with a fee. Sending and receiving BTC is free of charge.

That's it! We are here and waiting to welcome your friends with open arms! 🤗 If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to ask our amazing Support team via live chat or email

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