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Verified by Visa

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An additional layer of security for online transactions.

What is Verified by Visa?

You might have heard of 3-D Secure before. Verified by Visa is just another name for it. It is a free security service that guards against unauthorized use of your Cryptopay card while shopping online at participating merchants. 

What are the benefits of the Verified by Visa service?

Once you're registered with Verified by Visa you will be asked for your Verified by Visa password every time you make an online purchase at any participating merchant. The Verified by Visa password works just like a PIN that is used at an ATM. It adds an additional authentication step for online payments. 
Each time you make an online purchase, a window will pop up asking for your Verified by Visa password. When you correctly enter your Verified by Visa password, your card issuer confirms that you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase is completed. No code, no confirmation, no purchase.

How can Visa cardholders register for Verified by Visa?

You will be asked to confirm your personal details, and setup a Verified by Visa login id and password, when you attempt your first online transaction at a participating merchant.  

Our card issuer, WaveCrest, will verify the 16 digit card number, Signature Panel Code or CVV (from signature panel on back of card), date of birth and last name as security precautions to be sure that the person registering for Verified by Visa is the real cardholder.

Is everyone eligible for Verified by Visa service?

Everyone holding an active WaveCrest issued Cryptopay Visa card is eligible for the Verified by Visa service. The service is available on both plastic and virtual card.

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