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Tier 1

Updated 1 day ago by Maria

Welcome aboard, let's get started!

Here we will help you to get Tier 1. It is your first step in Cryptopay verification, and the required minimum to start using our services. Have you already created an account with us? If you haven't, click here, and catch up!

  • In the beginning, we will ask you to enter your email address and create a password.
  • Now, go to your inbox and look for the verification email. If it's not there, you may want to check in the spam folder. Found it? Great, then click the blue button:
  • Once it's done and the email address is confirmed, we're moving to the following pop up:
  • Please follow the instructions and put all the details carefully. The next and the last (phew!) thing is verifying your phone number. Remember to enter it in the international format. Once you do that we will send you an SMS with a code, please enter it in the corresponding field:

That's it, good job! You should be a proud Tier 1 Cryptopay user! Main wallet features are waiting for you. Need more options? Then Tier 2 is your next step!

Psst! Still haven't received a confirmation letter or SMS? We're always at your service, hit us up in the live-chat on the website or send us an email to

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