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How to fill in a Card Unload Authorisation Form

Updated 1 month ago by Tatiana

In order to get your funds from a blocked VISA card it is required to send us a signed form that we'll forward to our former card issuer.

If you haven't received it, please download the form here: Card Unload Authorisation Form

The form should be printed out and filled in by hand

All details should be the same as in your Cryptopay account. Please, make sure that the email address in the form is the one that you've used to register at Cryptopay.

Make sure that you have written the exact amount left on the card and please don't round off the number. In the Card Provider Company field write - Cryptopay.

Alternatively, you can choose the funds to be transferred to your bank account. In that case, please fill in your bank details:

Once you have signed the form please send a photo or a scan of it to our support team. Funds from your card(s) will be transferred to Cryptopay pre-funding account within 15 days after Wavecrest receives a form. We will then return money to your Cryptopay wallet in the currency of the card.

Please note: if you have multiple cards, you'll need to sign a separate form for each card.

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