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I haven't received my bank transfer

Updated 1 year ago by Ana

Bank withdrawals and deposits usually take 1-2 business days to be processed. If you've made a transfer on Friday it should be credited to your account by Tuesday afternoon. Please, also note, that transfers are not processed on holidays, and this can also cause delays.
If your funds haven't been credited to your bank or Cryptopay account after 2 days, there can be several reasons for that:

  1. Your country is not in the list of SEPA zone;
  2. You haven't included the proper reference code along with your deposit;
  3. The bank account you have linked to Cryptopay is not in your name;
  4. You have exceeded daily limits

If all of these points were fulfilled but you still didn’t receive the funds, contact our support team and provide the details on your bank transfer along with a payment receipt.

If you would like to raise your limits, please, contact us, we will provide you with the instructions.

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