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Overview of the Cryptopay iOS App

An easy way to manage your bitcoins and C.Pay cards from your iPhone

You can send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies securely using your mobile device with our iOS app. Create an account if you haven't joined us yet, pass verification, and enjoy every other function of Cryptopay but through your iOS device!

Get the App

Make purchases

Get both our cards easily through the app. Our virtual cards are perfect for online shopping as well as recurring subscriptions. The plastic card works as any prepaid card and it can be accepted at all POS terminals and ATMs all over the world. View all the limits and features of your card here.

Manage your funds

Take precise control of your money by spreading your funds across six accounts (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, EUR, USD, GBP). You can store your cryptocurrencies as EUR, USD, or GBP to avoid price fluctuations.

Send and receive funds.

Send funds from any of your wallets to external BTC/LTC/ETH/XRP addresses in an instant! Just go to the "Send" tab, choose the amount you want to send, and add your recipient’s address. You can copy the wallet address manually or you can use our in-app QR-code scanner.:

Get verified

Become a verified member and use Cryptopay to its full potential. Now you can take photos of your documents and upload them with your phone in a few seconds.

Secure your account

Our users’ security is, without question, our number one priority. Securely access your account with your fingerprint using Touch ID or simply set up and use a passcode on each login attempt. We strongly recommend enabling Two-Factor Authentication to keep your funds even safer.

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