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Overview of the Cryptopay iOS App

Updated 1 week ago by Natalya

An easy way to manage your Bitcoins and Cryptopay cards from your iPhone

Cryptopay wireless is here!

Cryptopay users can send, receive, and save Bitcoins securely from their mobile device with our  iOS app. Create an account, order prepaid cards, and utilize every other function of Cryptopay, but through your iOS device!

Get the App

Make purchases.

Get both of our cards easily through the app. Our virtual cards are perfectly suited for online shopping as well as recurring subscriptions. The plastic card works as a normal prepaid card and is accepted at all POS terminals and can be used at ATMs all over the world. View all the limits and features of your card here.

Manage your funds.

Check balances of your BTC, USD, EUR, and GBP accounts. In addition to transferring funds between accounts, you can load and unload your plastic and virtual cards using the app. Do you still have questions on how our accounts work? Please take a look in our Helpcentre. 

Send and receive funds.

We've kept the intuitive and minimalistic interface along with the same accounts in BTC, LTC, GBP, USD and EUR. What has changed is the way you send and/or receive bitcoins now:

  1. Scan the QR-code with the iPhone camera
  2. Specify the sum
  3. Tap to confirm the payment

That's it. The payments and transfers are easily done anywhere with an internet connection — no more glitches, misclicks or annoying loading screens while on your browser. You can exchange currencies in the same app as well!

Secure your account.

Our users’ security is without question our number one priority. Secure access with your fingerprint using Touch ID or simply set up and use a passcode on each login attempt. 
We strongly recommend enabling two-factor authorisation to keep your funds even safer.

After you've taken these protective measures your money is protected even if your iPhone is not. We keep cryptocurrency as transparent as it can be. 

Get verified.

Become a verified member and use Cryptopay to its full potential. Enjoy all the added benefits of being a verified member.  You can verify yourself through the mobile app by using the OCR scan method and Selfie.

*valid documents and identification are listed in this article.

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