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Bank deposits in GBP with Faster Payments

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Once you reach Tier 3, you will be able to deposit funds from your personal GBP bank account in the UK.

  1. At the “Accounts” page choose your GBP account.
  2. Click "Bank deposit".
  3. Read through the UK banking terms and conditions for the transfer and click "Yes, I agree" button.
  4. In the next window, you'll see your personal account number and sort code, use these details to send funds from your bank.

Important: GBP deposits are processed on business days from 9AM to 5PM UTC every two hours. On weekends deposits are processed once a day at 2 PM UTC. GBP deposits received after 5PM on business days and 2PM on weekends will be processed on the following day.

Please note: GBP transfers are processed using the Faster Payments Scheme. Not all banks are signed up to it, so you may want to check up with your bank or your provider prior to making a deposit, wether they support Faster Payments or not.

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