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Get verified with the Cryptopay iOS App

Updated 1 year ago by Vera

How to pass the verification process with a minimum of fuss

The verification process has become even easier with the Cryptopay iOS App. Now you can upload your documents directly from your mobile phone within just a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide how to do that! 

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First things first, it’s important to note that most of our services are available only for  verified accounts. If you are interested in  card depositsbank transfers and  Cryptopay prepaid cards, you definitely need to pass the verification. Please don’t take it as a challenge, using the app version, you’ll be able to do it in a few clicks!

Before starting this process, please check the current list of supported countries  here to make sure you're eligible for verification. If everything is fine, you need to go to the tab “Other” and click the ⚙️ (Settings) icon in the upper-right corner. There you need to open your  Verification status to upload your documents.  

To pass the verification successfully you need to upload 3 types of documents: Proof of Identity, Selfie with an ID and Proof of Address. Let’s take a look closer at each step:

Proof of Identity 

There you should choose the country and the type of the document you are going to upload (passport, ID, driving license). Please note that you can easily use the camera on your mobile phone to take a photo of the document. 


Here you should take a selfie with the same document that you have uploaded as your proof of identity. You need to click on “Attach the file” and choose “Take Photo”. Take the document in your hand, make sure that all edges of the document are clearly visible and the photo is light and clear.

Proof of address

For uploading the proof of address you can also take a photo of the document if you have it in the paper form. But if you have the document in PDF, just import this file from your iCloud. To prove your address, you can use one of these types of documents: Bank statement of your current account, Utility bill, Credit card statement, Loan-related statements, Tax return, Council tax bill, Certificate of residency issued by a government, within the last 3 months and addressed to your name and home address.

Please note that we cannot accept mobile phone bills, insurance documents or advertising letters as a proof of residence. It is also important to note that a document should contain your full name, full home address and to be issued not earlier than 3 months ago on the date of application.

Once you upload your documents, they automatically get the status “Complete”. Our Compliance Team usually checks the documents within 1 working day. You will get an email with a decision of our Compliance Team.

In case any questions regarding these results, you always can contact the Support Team via live chat or email

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