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Can I use my Cryptopay card with PayPal?
Can I use my Cryptopay card with PayPal?
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At the moment, Cryptopay card orders are available only to the residents of the UK.

Yes, you can link both plastic and virtual cards to your PayPal account. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to your PayPal account.

  2. Click Wallet at the top of the page.

  3. Then tap the “+” next to Banks and cards (in the App) or tap the button Link a card (on the Web version).

  4. Enter the card details and tap the blue button Link card.

  5. Wait for an SMS from us with the One-Time Password (OTP) and enter it to confirm your card.

That's it! Your card should be linked and confirmed within seconds successfully 👌

NB: You cannot link your Cryptopay card to a French PayPal account.

Can I pay via PayPal with my Cryptopay card?

Yes, once you’ve linked the card to PayPal, you can use it with vendors who accept payments via PayPal.

Can I load my Cryptopay card from my PayPal account?

Unfortunately, you cannot top up your Cryptopay card with your personal PayPal account, as they accept loads only to bank accounts at the moment.

But, if you have a PayPal business account, then you can top up your Cryptopay card. You need to link your card. Once this is done, just click “transfer money”, choose “immediate transfer” and choose which linked card you want to transfer the funds to.

This option has a small cost equal to 1% of the amount you transfer, with a maximum cost of 10 EUR.

Can I load my PayPal account with my Cryptopay card?

Unfortunately, you cannot add money to your PayPal account, as they accept loads only from bank accounts at the moment.

NB: Using your PayPal account with your Cryptopay prepaid Visa card is NOT the same as using a PayPal account with your Cryptopay wallet. It is impossible to deposit and withdraw funds with your PayPal account to/from your Cryptopay account.

For more information, please visit the PayPal Help Center.

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