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What documents do I need to submit?
What documents do I need to submit?

What is the fastest way to become a fully verified user? Follow the steps beneath – don’t miss this opportunity

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Our verification - also known as KYC (Know Your Customer) - helps us enhance the security of the service and the safety of our clients’ funds. Here you can find the requirements for the verification documents.

The exact list of the documents may vary depending on your country. On the verification page, you'll see what exactly you need to provide.

In Cryptopay, we divide all the verification documents into 3 categories:

1. A valid government-issued ID (Proof of Identity)

Depending on your country of residence, high-quality images of the following documents are acceptable:

For Cryptopay clients from the EEA (these may vary depending on the country where the document has been issued)

  • Passport (double page)

  • National ID card (both sides)

  • Driving licence (both sides)

For clients residing outside the EEA (these may vary depending on the country where the document has been issued)

  • Passport (double page)

  • Driving license (both sides)

  • Another valid ID document

Important! To avoid delays during the verification process make sure that your document is:

  • Fully visible (watermarks are permitted, but they must not cover any major details);

  • High-quality (colour photos/scans with a resolution of at least 300 DPI and more than 100 KB in size are accepted);

  • Valid (its expiry date must be clearly visible and not due in the next 6 months).

2. A selfie with your ID document in your hands

Please, make sure that every detail of the ID document is clearly visible.

3. A proof of residency (Proof of Address)

We can accept one of the following documents (this may also depend on your country of residence):

  • Bank statement of your current account;

  • Credit card statement;

  • Utility bills: water, electricity, etc.

  • Broadband home internet bills, landline phone bills, bundles, etc.

  • Tax return, council tax bill;

  • Government-issued certificate of residency.

Are you a resident of the EU or the UK? There are three more documents we can accept (this may also depend on your country of residence):

  • Debit card delivery letters;

  • Loan and mortgage statements;

  • EU-issued residence permit.

We can also accept: Driving Licence or National ID (ID card) as either proof of address or ID if it has address details. Please note that the same document cannot be accepted as Proof of Identity and Proof of Address at the same time. For example, if you submit a Driving Licence as your proof of identity, you will need to submit a different document to prove your address.

Important! To ensure that your verification goes smooth and fast:

  • upload an original digital document in PDF if you have one or take a high-quality photo of an official paper document (we don't accept any scans);

  • make sure the document has been issued within the last 3 months;

  • make sure the document has your name and full address.

Important note: Screenshots, mobile phone bills, medical bills, and insurance documents are NOT accepted for verification. We also don't accept documents containing P.O. Box addresses. For documents drafted in languages that use non-Latin characters (Arabic, Chinese, etc.) a certified translation into English is required.

NB: To avoid delays, make sure the documents you provide are NOT protected by a password. If you can't remove the password (for example, the password is set by a bank) please contact our support team after uploading your document.

Please note: In order to comply with UK regulations and paragraphs 3.4 and 12 of our Terms and Conditions, our Compliance team may ask you to submit additional documents.

We do not support video verification – it's required only as a part of a specific raising limits procedure that's not connected with account verification.

P.S. You can switch languages in our Helpcentre in the top right corner or find guides in other languages here:

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via the live chat or at

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