I haven't received my bank transfer
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Please don’t worry, sometimes it happens.

First of all, please check that the processing timeframe has passed:

  • For the SEPA transfers (in Euro), it’s 2 business days*.

  • For GBP deposits, it’s a few hours. Still, sometimes, in some rare cases, it may take up to 2 business days as well.

*if your bank supports Real-Time Transfers / Instant Payments, then the deposit should be processed in less than an hour

If your deposit has bounced back, most probably it has happened because:

  1. You’ve entered incorrect bank details. Please make sure to pay special attention to the recipient's name.

  2. The deposit was sent from a third party or a corporate bank account.

  3. You have exceeded your limits.

  4. Some companies, e.g. Revolut, simply do not allow their clients to deposit funds to Cryptopay.

Sometimes we may need to contact you to clarify some details before your deposit is processed:

  1. The sender name is vague (e.g. Doe instead of Jane Doe)

  2. The deposit has been sent from a joint bank account.

If the processing timeframe has passed, your deposit hasn’t bounced back, and no one has contacted you, please send your payment slip to our live chat or support@cryptopay.me, and we will be happy to help with your issue.

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