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How long does it take to review the documents?
How long does it take to review the documents?
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Usually, your documents are reviewed automatically between a few minutes and a few hours, but if you've submitted a document or image that doesn't meet our requirements, we might have to review it manually and this could cause additional delays. You would be notified if you need to submit additional verification documents.

It doesn’t take Cryptopay more than 24 hours to review applications in such cases. However, if we experience a heavy influx of new users, processing times for the documents can slow down considerably. If you experience delays, it doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with your documents.

Please be patient, and we'll contact you if we need any further information from you. Keep an eye on the email inbox associated with your Cryptopay account to see if you've received a letter from us regarding your verification.

To get verified faster, please ensure you are registering with your legal name as shown on your ID, also ensure uploading the right type of ID which is still valid and clear enough to be able to read all the details contained therein.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via live chat or by email at

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