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Why does the file size need to be at least 100 kB?
Why does the file size need to be at least 100 kB?
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Although we’ve done our best to make verification quick and easy, there still can be some difficulties with file size and image resolution

When uploading a file for verification, sometimes you get this error: “The file is too small”. These size and resolution requirements have been adopted due to security reasons. In order to make sure that the photo of a document has been made by the owner and not simply copied or stolen, the file needs to be at least 100 kB in size.

Normally, a phone camera takes pictures that range in file size from 1.5 MB to 2.5 MB. So what you would want to do is to make sure that you are not making your file smaller accidentally.

1. How do I learn the properties of my photo?

Android: you can choose the size of pictures yourself in settings.

 iPhone: unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t give its users an opportunity to find out the image size but you don’t need to worry, because all iPhone-taken photos are bigger than 100 kB.

2. What if you’ve taken a picture with a 13-megapixel camera and you still see this error when uploading?

This must be due to the import method you've used. If you send your picture using a messenger or via email, it automatically compresses and makes it a few times smaller.

Please note: web cameras and laptop built-in cameras take pictures of the small size and poor quality, and are not advisable for taking pictures that you plan to use for verification.

3. What can I do then?

To start verification, go to Other -> Settings -> Start verification.

Cryptopay app takes and uploads pictures simultaneously, so you don’t have to worry about size and resolution.

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