It is quite easy to verify your account if you are from Germany. Here are the documents that we accept for verification:

  1. Proof of identity - ID card (Ausweis) (both sides), passport (Reisepass) or driving licence (Führerschein) (both sides).

  2. To verify your address, you can submit the following types of documents: bank statements, utility bills, Internet bills and landline phone bills, loan/credit/mortgage statements, statements from EMI (e-money institutions), delivery letters for debit сards, and Meldebestätigungen (issued by your local municipality).

  3. The list of the banks, which provide necessary documents (including, but not limited to): Deutsche bank, Sparkassen, ING Bank, Commerzbank, Fidor, Deutsche Kreditbank, Postbank, Comdirect. NOTE: Paper statements are accepted only with a bank seal, put in a bank branch. E-statements are accepted only if original PDF file is provided.

  4. Major Internet providers: 1&1, Telekom Deutschland, Unity Media, UPC etc. E-Rechnungen are preferable. In case you submit a paper bill you might be requested to submit an additional address document. 

  5. We do accept Einkommersteuerbescheide, but they must at least have some QR-codes or bar codes.

  6. We do NOT accept different payment stubs from employers because the majority of such documents do not have any logo, seal or stamp or QR (bar) codes.

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