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Automatic bank withdrawals in your Cryptopay business account
Automatic bank withdrawals in your Cryptopay business account

Set up recurring transfers to your business bank account

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Automatic withdrawal is a solution that allows you to create recurring withdrawals to your bank account.

To create an automatic withdrawal you need to enable the switch in SettingsBank accounts section, select the required settings and click Save. The Bank accounts section is available to users with Root, Admin and Spend roles.

The following settings are available when creating an automatic withdrawal rule:

  • Frequency of withdrawals: monthly or weekly.

  • Request creation day: specify the day on which the transfer will be made.

  • Minimum account balance: specify the minimum amount for an automatic withdrawal to be sent.

Important: you can enable automatic bank withdrawals only for one bank account of a certain currency. To enable automatic withdrawals for another bank account in the same currency, the automatic withdrawals for the first bank account must be disabled.

The withdrawal request will be created on the set date at 9:00 UTC.

To disable automatic withdrawals, you need to turn off the switch under SettingsBank accounts. If you delete a bank account with automatic withdrawals enabled, automatic withdrawals will be disabled.

If automatic withdrawals are disabled, new withdrawal requests will not be created. Already-created but not-yet-processed withdrawal requests will not be cancelled, please check their availability and cancel if necessary by contacting our B2B support team.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in the live chat or via email at

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