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How to control financial operations created by other users
How to control financial operations created by other users
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Managing approvals is a solution that allows you to control the flow of financial transactions by requiring additional confirmation by another user.

Here is a list of transactions available for assigning approvers to them:

  • Exchange Transfers

  • Coin Withdrawals

  • Bank Withdrawals

  • Refund to the external wallet

  • Editing approver list

To manage users who have permissions to approve transactions, go to "Settings" → "Manage Approvers". This section is only available to users with Root and Admin rights.

Edit the user to whom you want to grant rights to confirm operations. Select the required types of operations and save changes.

All operations to which an approver is assigned will require a confirmation before they can be executed.

Note: when creating an operation involving an exchange of one currency for another, the exchange rate at the time of the operation's approval will be applied, not the creation of the operation.

When a user is assigned as the "Editing approver list", future changes to transactions that require an uprating will require confirmation from that user.

Approving or rejecting requests

You can approve or reject requests on the Approval History page. This page displays the history of requests from the current project, as well as requests to confirm approvals. Here you can also find detailed information on each approval.

The user designated as the approver for this type of transaction may approve the request if the user is not the requester. A new exchange rate is calculated when approving the request if the operation implies it.

The request can be denied by the transaction creator, users with the Root and Admin roles and the user designated as the approver for this type of transaction.


The "Notify me of new approval tasks" switch must be enabled to be notified of the necessary approvals. The user will receive an email with a link to the approval history in case the operation is pending approval.

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