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Web checkout

Web checkout generates a payment link. The payer can specify the amount in fiat currency, then select the cryptocurrency and complete the payment. Also, it can be used to accept offline payments.

The existence and status of the transaction is monitored manually, so Web checkout is not used for automated processing of incoming payments.

Creating a payment link

1. Go to Settings -> Web Checkout

2. In the Checkout URL field you will see a link that can be sent to the payer.

3. The "CREATE A NEW URL" button allows you to update the link. Please note that if the link is updated, the previous one will no longer work.

4. Add currencies in which the payer can generate an invoice.

Payment process.

When the link is received, the payer clicks on it and can choose the currency for the payment.

By selecting the currency, the payer specifies the invoice amount.

If necessary, it is possible to change the currency in case more than one currency has been added to the Web Checkout settings.

In the next step, the user will see the details that can be used to make the payment.

Accepting payments offline

Web checkout can be used to accept offline payments.

If an offline customer wants to pay for a product or service in cryptocurrency, the cashier opens a web checkout link on his monitor to enter the invoice amount and shows the customer the generated QR code and payment details. The customer scans the QR code and completes the payment.

Checking the receipt of payment

1. Request the blockchain transaction ID or wallet number from where the payment was sent.

2. Go to Transaction history and enter the data received from the customer into the search field. If the payment was made, you will see it in the table below.

3. Check that the payment has a confirmed status and the payment amount before informing the client that the payment has been successfully received.

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