Mass payouts

Make massive crypto withdrawals to your clients

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Mass payouts

One of the basic features that Cryptopay has to offer is the possibility to make a coin withdrawal to a specific address.

In addition to this, we have an additional feature that might help optimize the payout process for your customers. You can create mass payouts to several desired addresses at once (add a CSV table with a list of wallets to your Cryptopay account). It means that it's possible to make mass payments to your customers in any of the cryptocurrencies currently supported by Cryptopay.

How to create mass payouts?

1. In the left column on the main page of your account, you need to click on the Mass Payouts button:

2. Then click to upload a CSV file with the list of transactions where such parameters as address, currency etc. are specified. Firstly, we strongly advise that you download an example file Example.csv (on the right side of the page) to check what the table should look like and what it should contain. This way, you'll be able to protect yourself from sending funds incorrectly.

3. After uploading the CSV table, please check and confirm the information about the created payouts:

4. Enter the 2FA code (if it's enabled as an additional security measure):

5. Done!

How to check the payouts' status?

You can check the status of each payment in the History tab –> Status column:

What does each status mean?

This status information might be useful to you:


The coin withdrawal transaction has been created and needs to be committed within 30 seconds


The coin withdrawal transaction has been created, or it has just been committed


This is a transitional status, it may take us a couple of seconds to change the status to completed


This status means that we have just broadcast the transaction on the network. As soon as the transaction gets its 1st confirmation, the status will be changed to completed


The transaction has been sent

on hold

If the transaction amount exceeds the maximum transaction amount limit, it'll be put on hold. Please get in touch with our support agents if that happens.


Something went wrong. The transaction hasn't been processed


The transaction has been cancelled

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at

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