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The possibility to make the automatic invoice refunds

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Email refunds is a solution that allows your clients to automate the invoice refund process. By activating this function, you don't need to make a request to have a refund, we will do this automatically.

Please make sure that automatic refunds are enabled for any of the unresolved invoice categories in the account settings. To activate it, please go to “Settings”“API”“How to handle unresolved invoices” and enable them:

After this feature is enabled, the first screen in the widget will be the field to enter an email. Here the user needs to enter his email and agree to our Privacy Policy.

Important: if the invoice is created via the API, then in the body of the request to create an invoice, you must add a new payer_email field, which specifies the user's email address.

If the invoice was overpaid, underpaid or paid late, then the message to make a refund will be sent to the indicated email address:

By clicking on the button, the user will be redirected to the invoice refund page. Here he should enter the address for a refund, and agree to the Privacy Policy if the invoice was created via the API.

As a security measure, a confirmed refund will be sent 3 days after it was created. After confirming the refund, the user will receive an email with the opportunity to cancel the refund in cases:

  • The user entered the wrong address;

  • The refund was not created by a user.

By clicking on the link from the letter to cancel it, the user will be redirected to the page for cancelling the refund. Here he will be able to indicate the reason for the cancellation, and cancel the refund.

Important: after cancelling a refund, a second refund can only be requested by the merchant's support team.

Feel free to contact us via if you have any questions!

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