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Cryptopay going full mobile
Cryptopay going full mobile

Cryptopay web platform is closing, we have decided to focus our efforts on Cryptopay mobile app.

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What happened?

Starting 26 June, opening a new account using the web version is no longer possible. All operations except for exchanges and withdrawals are also unavailable on the web version (but available in the app).

Please use the app if you'd like to:

  • create an account

  • order or load your card

  • purchase crypto

  • make a crypto or fiat deposit

Starting on 10 July 2023, we bid farewell to the web version of Cryptopay, freezing it and shifting our focus to our mobile apps. This means we’ll continue as an app-only platform, ensuring convenience and speed are at your fingertips. On that date, log-ins on the web version will also become unavailable.

Why are you making this change?

This was definitely not an easy decision to make. We spent months talking to our users, exploring your habits and motivations. Ultimately, we came to a realization that most users prefer using Cryptopay mobile app to our web platform.

Instead of maintaining two versions (web and app), we decided to put all our love and effort into our apps. With the Cryptopay app, you'll have our platform in your pocket, always available. Crafted with care, the app offers a seamless, lightning-fast experience.

What if I don’t like using apps?

We understand that some of you may be against this decision. Still, we’re asking you to give our app a chance. For those who aren’t familiar with our app experience, don’t worry – we've got you covered during this transition. You can always explore our Help Centre for comprehensive app instructions. Need assistance? Our support team is here to help you personally, just a chat away.

One more thing: your feedback matters – help us make the app even better! Feel free to share your suggestions and ideas – we're eager to make your experience with the Cryptopay app exceptional.

Get ready to embrace the future! The mobile app era awaits, offering unrivalled convenience and endless possibilities. Join us on this exciting journey starting on 10 July 2023.

The Cryptopay app is available for download on Google Play (all countries) and App Store (UK and EU only).

If you have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team via live chat or by sending an email to

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