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Virus threat: Bitcoin Address Switcher
Virus threat: Bitcoin Address Switcher
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Be aware of a dangerous Trojan virus that switches the BTC address, thus changing the receiver of your transaction.

Have you ever come across the situation of copying your wallet’s BTC address but pasting a slightly different one?
It is a clear sign that your device is infected with a Trojan virus. According to Symantec databases, Trojan.Coinbitclip is a malignant software that replaces several digits in the address you saved to the clipboard with other digits supplied by the virus.

How does it work?

The Trojan horse is triggered when certain digits similar to the Bitcoin address are copied. The virus uses a custom database of numerous third-party Bitcoin addresses to replace them with the recently copied address immediately after detection. If you are not sure if this is a virus, you can check yourself by copying and pasting some text or a number not similar to BTC address. If, in this case, the copy/paste goes correctly, but the pasted BTC address is different from the copied one, then your device is affected by the Trojan.

What should I do?

If you have already sent BTC to an incorrect address, unfortunately, we cannot do anything now. BTC transactions are irreversible by its nature.

To prevent this situation, we strongly recommend you to follow our advice:

  1. Please read the official manual for removing the virus provided by Symantec;

  2. Undergo a full scan of your device for malware;

  3. Make sure your device is equipped with the latest version of antivirus;

  4. Regularly run full scans with your antivirus software;

  5. Secure your network

  6. Keep your personal information safe;

  7. Do not click on untrustworthy links;

  8. Avoid suspicious sites and unlicensed software;

  9. Be careful next time.

Note: Cryptopay is not involved in this activity in any way and hence not responsible for any loss.

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