Right now you won't need to pay for your first virtual card, we'll issue one for you free of charge, while the plastic card will cost you 5 GBP during the pre-order period.

After that, the virtual card will cost 2.5 GBP and the price for the plastic card will be 15 GBP.

While ordering the card, once you have selected the card type, you will be able to enter a promocode (in case you have one) and pay for the card.

On the checkout step, tap the Cryptopay account button to choose which account to pay with.
And please don’t forget to accept the Visa terms and Cryptopay user agreement.

Perfect, you have successfully paid for the card!

No matter what card you've ordered - now a fresh new crispy C.Pay virtual card is waiting for you in your account.

If you've ordered a plastic card, we'll be getting in touch with you soon with delivery status updates.

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