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Submission of Requests

Law enforcement officials should submit information requests intended for Cryptopay via the Estonian FIU using their website: https://www.fiu.ee/en/notify-us

In case of further questions, please refer to Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website or send an email at info@fiu.ee.

To ensure a timely response and data confidentiality, please do not send law enforcement inquiries to Cryptopay Support or any other channel not intended for law enforcement.

Information to be provided

You must have valid legal grounds to request information in order for Cryptopay to be able to provide any customers’ data. The request should contain information that would help us identify the customer or transaction regarding which the information is sought (e.g., Cryptopay customer’s full name, their cryptocurrency wallet address at Cryptopay, known card number(s), transaction(s) ID (hash), other details related to the investigation).

Cryptopay is not in a position to communicate customers’ data directly to law enforcement agencies. All communication concerning DPA requests is maintained through the regulator.

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