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If you can't log into your account, this guide is for you. Here are the most common problems:

Incorrect email or password

If you enter an incorrect email or password, you will get the Invalid credentials error. If that’s the case, please double-check if they are correct. Of course, you can just reset the password.

To do it, go to Sign in > Forgot your password and enter the email address you've used to sign up to us. Open the password reset email and click the link in it.

​​The password reset link is active for only 6 hours. If your link is outdated, or it's not the last one you've received, you'll get the Reset password token is invalid error. Please request a new password reset email, and click the link in it to solve that issue.

Account locked after several sign in attempts

The Cryptopay account has been temporarily suspended as a security precaution error usually happens if you have entered an incorrect password (you have 3 attempts) or 2FA authentication code (5 attempts). To unlock your account, please contact our support team in the live chat or at support@cryptopay.me, we will be happy to help you.

I don't receive a confirmation email

If you don’t receive a new device confirmation or password reset email, please check your Spam and Promotion folders. If it doesn’t help, try using the search box in your email app. Still can’t find it? Please contact our support team in the live chat or at support@cryptopay.me.

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