What is EOS (EOS)?
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Eos is a platform designed to allow developers to build decentralised applications (dapps). As such, it tries to be more straightforward and easier to use than its competitors and provides educational materials and tools necessary to build apps quickly. Eos is secured by a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism devised by one of Eos’s creators. This concept where token holders vote for the people responsible for transaction validation is also used by some other prominent systems (e.g. Tron).

According to Eos, it’s able to support hundreds and thousands of dapps thanks to parallel execution and modular approach. However, despite its usefulness, some would argue that the project is rather centralised and as such goes against what blockchains and cryptocurrencies are trying to achieve.

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Important: please note that EOS deposits and withdrawals are currently not supported. You can buy, exchange and store EOS. If you'd like to receive or send it, you'll have to first exchange it for a currency which supports crypto deposits and withdrawals – you can always check with the list in this article.

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