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Common verification issues

Some tips to help you get your account verified

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Your documents have been declined, or you're just having difficulties with verification? If so, you’ll find this guide quite useful. Here are the most common verification issues.

Proof of Identity:

  1. Blurry photo
    All the document details must be visible. If you are having trouble taking a clear picture, try focusing your camera on the ID, cleaning the lens, or taking it in front of a mirror.

  2. Lack of additional information
    The Compliance team may ask you to provide additional info on the selfie (e.g. a paper note with certain information). Please pay close attention to emails from them.

  3. ID not fully visible
    Your ID should be fully present in the selfie. If it’s a passport, we need to see the whole double page.

  4. Only one side

    If your ID is two-sided, we need to see both sides.

Proof of Address:

  1. Not on the list
    Please find the list of accepted documents here (in some cases, not all listed documents suit us – you will be able to see the list of accepted files and formats on a screen depending on your country of residence). Other documents will be rejected.

  2. Not original
    Only original electronic PDF documents and photos of original paper documents can be verified. Any screenshots, photos of documents created with personal printers, or images converted to PDF will be rejected.

  3. Too old
    The Proof of address document needs to be issued within the last 3 months. All other documents will be considered outdated.

General issues:

  1. Incorrect file format
    Proofs of address and IDs can only be in JPG, JPEG, and PDF. The selfies should be in JPG or JPEG. All other formats won’t be accepted.

  2. Small size
    Please make sure that the photo size exceeds 100 KB. Here you can find additional info about the image size.

If you need any help, feel free to contact our support team in the live chat or at

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