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How to change the information in my Cryptopay account?
How to change the information in my Cryptopay account?

Email address, password, phone number, address, referral nickname, or even the name of your account – everything in one article!

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Have you ever wondered about changing the email address you'd once linked to your Cryptopay account, or updating an old password? Wonder no more, we got all the answers here! 🧙

1. Email

To change the email address, you can always contact our support team by sending us a message via live chat or to

2. Password

You can change the password in the Profile section (bottom right corner). Let us quickly navigate you through the process:

  1. Go to the Profile tab / Security settings section;

  2. Click Change password;

  3. Enter your current password and the password you want to use instead;

  4. Click on the checkmark in the top right corner. All set! 🎉

PRO TIP: enable two-factor authentication (2FA for iOS, 2FA for Android). It's a very important step in ensuring the safety of your account.

3. Phone number

If you want to change the verified phone number, then please contact our support team by sending a message in the live chat or by email to

4. Address

Moved somewhere else? No problem! Just send a message regarding it via the live chat or by email!

5. Referral nickname

Want to see people's faces melting from just a glance at your referral name? Jot a message about it to our support team in the live chat, or email at, and we'll make one more dream come true! 🧞

By the way, you can check the actual nickname on the Referrals menu in your account.

6. Account name

Found an error in your name and need to change it? We got you covered, no worries! Our Support team will help you do it via the live chat or by email at

Although, in order to make substantial changes (for example, you want to update the specified name from El Doe to Jonathan Stewart Sutherland), you'd need to provide us with an applicable document showing your name.

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