Once you are verified, you will be able to deposit funds to your Cryptopay account from your personal UK GBP bank account.

To make a deposit, you need to know your banking details:

  1. Go to Transfers (🔁 icon);

  2. Select Bank deposits and your British Pound account;

  3. Your Cryptopay bank details will show up.

All GBP bank deposits sent from personal bank accounts are processed automatically 24/7.

Common Issues

  • If your deposit is bounced back or takes too long to be processed, please check this guide.

  • GBP Bank transfers are processed using the Faster Payments Scheme. Some banks do not support it, so you may need to check up with your bank or your provider prior to making a deposit whether they do.

  • Some banks might also not recognise Cryptopay’s sort code, as it starts with '0'. This can happen when a bank does not update its Extended Industry Sort Code Directory (EISCD) correctly. It also may happen if they use an old system that does not recognise the 0 at the beginning of the Sort Code. Please enquire with your bank if this is the case.

    You can check if the Sort Code you want to send a payment to accepts Faster Payments by using the sort code checker.

  • You cannot link your Cryptopay Account number and Sort code to PayPal. All bank transfers between your Cryptopay account and PayPal are not supported and will be cancelled by our Payments team.

If you plan to make transfers using a joint bank account (or just have any questions), please, contact us via chat or support@cryptopay.me

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