Straightforward. Simple. Instant. All the advantages of buying crypto from the website, but you don’t have to boot your computer. If you’ve already linked a card, the only thing there’s left to do is to enter the amount and tap Confirm.

Deposit and Withdraw

Have a bank account in the UK or in the SEPA zone? Terrific news, you can now top up and unload your Cryptopay GBP or EUR wallet (and, by proxy, all the other wallets) literally anywhere.

Send and Receive

Waiting for a crypto deposit? The app will let you know as soon as it arrives. Would like to make a withdrawal? Enter the crypto-address of the receiver or, which is more fun (and a bit safer as well), use our little QR-code helper. Addresses can be long and random. Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible. Stay on the safe side.

Store and Manage

How are your BTC / ETH / LTC / XRP / SNX / LINK / USDT / UNI / AAVE / USDC / MATIC / ZRX / ADA / DOGE / DOT / SOL / XMR / ATOM / ETC / KSM / MANA / SC / ICX/ XNO/ XTZ and GBP / EUR / USD wallets faring? Don’t hold back the urge – check on them wherever you are!

Verify your account

Verifying your account via app has never been so easy: all you need to do is upload the necessary documents – take a photo here and now or submit a document already stored on your device. This is a must if you want to use our services!

Get the app

If you have any questions about the services we offer or just fancy a crypto-chat, you can always drop us a line at!

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